Kidney and Cardiovascular Injury Determination in a COVID-19 Mouse Model – KOVID

Stéphane Hatem and Sophie Nadaud – UMRS 1166 – ICAN – Research Unit on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases

– Anne-Geneviève Marcellin and Vincent Calvez – Institut Pierre Louis d’épidémiologie et de santé publique – IPLESP
– Serban Morosan – Phénotypage du petit animal – UMS28
– Stéphane Germain – Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology – CIRB
– Gilles Crambert – Centre de recherche des Cordeliers – CRC

SARS CoV2-UMRS 1166-SUAbstract
COVID-19 cardiac, vascular and renal impacts are frequent and massive in severe forms of the disease. Our research addresses the cellular and molecular basis of water and electrolytes balance alterations by describing the fates and functions of cardiovascular and renal cells during the course of the infection in a murine experimental model expressing the SARS-CoV2 receptor, hACE2.

After viral infection of mice we will study the lung, cardiac and kidney structure
and function. This project will help understanding the cardiovascular injuries that take place during the disease and will give us the basis to further study the cardiovascular consequences secondary to COVID-19.

Keywords: cardiac function; cardiac vascular alterations; cardiovascular remodeling; COVID-19 experimental model, endothelial function; kidney function.

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