Elise BALSE – Spatiotemporal Regulation of Ion Channels in the Cardiomyocyte – 31st Ion Channels Meeting – September 11-14, 2022 – Sète, France

31st Ion Channels Meeting – September 11-14, 2022 – Sète, France                                 31st Ion Channel Meeting-UMRS1166

Elise Balse, Assistant Professor, Sorbonne University, U1166-Research Unit on Cardiovascular and Cardiometabolism Diseases – Head of Team 3 Molecular and Cellular Plasticity in Cardiovasculare Diseases

Spatiotemporal regulation of ion channels in the cardiomyocyte

Abstract: Intracellular trafficking and membrane expression of cardiac ion channels are sources of plasticity in the myocardium, adjusting electrical activity and contributing to its adaptation to changes in myocardial working conditions. Elise Balse’s group has contributed to the understanding of the mechanisms regulating the dynamic expression of cardiac ion channels and to the characterization of the molecular determinants of their addressing in specialized domains of the myocyte. The group continues to dissect these spatio-temporal regulatory processes in relation to the three-dimensional architecture of the myocardium. These studies combine approaches of cell biology (isolation and culture of cardiomyocytes), biochemistry and molecular biology (use of viral vectors to overexpress or invalidate the expression of proteins of interest), electrophysiology (patch-clamp, microelectrode), immuno-histo/cytochemistry, and cellular and molecular imaging (3D deconvolution, TIRF, light sheet). In addition to this work on the general mechanisms of ion channel trafficking and addressing in native cardiomyocytes, a major perspective is to understand the link between the electrical and mechanical remodeling that occurs in the diseased myocardium, notably atrial fibrillation, and the alterations of ion channel trafficking and/or addressing in the sarcolemma.


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