C. LEGALLAIS – Liver on Chip and 3D Models – Head of the Laboratory of Biomechanics and Bioengineering – CNRS 7338 – Compiègne University of Technology – January 21 2022 – 12:30 to 2:00 pm – Bordeaux Room (105)

Cécile Legallais is invited by Sophie Nadaud, Co-Head of Team 3 Molecular and Cellular Plasticity in Cardiovascular Diseases – UMRS 1166-Unit Research on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases.

CNRS Senior Researcher, Cécile Legallais is Head of the Laboratory of Biomechanics and Bioengineering – CNRS 7338 and Compiègne University of Technology, France.

2006 – : CNRS Senior Researcher (Directeur de recherche) Laboratory of Biomechanics and Bioengineering – Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France
2018 – : Head Laboratory of Biomechanics & Bioengineering (CNRS/UTC)
2017-2019 : President European Society for Artificial Organs (ESAO)
2015 – 2017 : President Elect of European Society for Artificial Organs
2014 – 2016 : Head of Institut Universitaire Ingénierie Santé (Sorbonne Universités)


Organ on chip or organoids are promising platform for preclinical studies of new drugs or in predictive toxicology for chemicals. Such alternative methods are promoted to follow the 3R recommendations: reduce, refine, and replace animal trials. Liver spheroids and organoids can also be employed in organ support system and regenerative medecine perspectives.
The 3D culture of cells in an adequate environment and under perfusion demonstrated better and prolonged maintenance of cells’ functions or differentiation. The design of bioreactors is a key issue to achieve such goals.

In this talk, two major applications will be presented : the development of an extracorporeal bioartificial liver, and the studies performed with liver on chip systems for toxicological studies. We have developed at UTC a specific platform where 24 biochips can be positioned in series or in parallel. ADME processes can thus be mimicked in such configuration.
We will also comment the potential limits associated with these systems and with data analysis.

Date: 21 January 2022

Time: 12:30 - 2:00 pm

Location: Bordeaux Room - School of Medicine 105 Bd de l'Hôpital 75013 PARIS - 5th floor

Monthly Lab Seminar