Xavier PRIEUR – Thorax Institute – Inserm-Nantes University – Seipin Deficiency as a Model of Adipocyte Dysfunction – April 21 2022 at noon – Bordeaux Room – School of Medicine (105)

Hosted by Wilfried le Goff, head of Team 4 Cellular and Systemic Lipid Metabolism in Cardiometabolic Diseases, the UMRS 1166 – ICAN monthly seminar welcomes

Xavier Prieur, MCU
Thorax Institute UMR-S 1087 – Team 4 Cardiometabolic Diseases
Head of Biology Health Department
Nantes University – Inserm

Thursday April 21 2022 at 12:00

Pierre and Marie Curie School of Medicine (105) – Bordeaux Room (5th floor)

Seipin Deficiency as a Model of Adipocyte Dysfunction

Obesity is a major risk factor for cardiometabolic complications. Many studies show that adipocyte dysfunction is central to the development of these complications. In order to propose new therapeutic approaches, it is necessary to identify the factors that determine adipocyte homeostasis.

Seipin is an endoplasmic reticulum (ER) protein highly expressed in adipose tissue, encoded by the BSCL2 gene. In humans, the BSCL2 mutation is the cause of generalized lipodystrophy, characterized by an almost total absence of adipose tissue and serious metabolic complications. In our group we are interested in the function of seipin in the mature adipocyte and the metabolic consequences of seipin deficiency as a model of primary and extreme adipocyte dysfunction.

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Start date: 21 April 2022

End date: 21 April 2022

Location: Bordeaux Room - School of Medicine 105 Bd de l'Hôpital 75013 PARIS - 5th floor

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