Network of Technological Platforms on Site


As a member of the ICAN Institute (IHU), our research unit benefit, on the same site of Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, from the skills of the staff and materials of the IHU.

The IHU ICAN’s platforms and the clinical platform offer its community, outside academics and private companies a full set of services to build innovative translational research projects:

• iPS ICAN: iPS culture and differentiation
• PreclinICAN: metabolic phenotyping
• ICAN Imaging Core Lab: cardiovascular MRI
• ICAN investigation: the clinical platform
• ICAN Human HepCell: preparation of liver tissue and cells
• Histo-ICAN: a set of equipment dedicated to histology
• Cyto-ICAN: analysis and sorting of cells
• Lipidomics ICANalytics
• Metabolomics ICANalytics

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