TRAFFIC – Sodium Channel Trafficking in Cardiomyocytes


TRAFFIC – Sodium channel trafficking in cardiomyocytes

The objective of the project is to contribute to improving knowledge on the pathophysiology of cardiac arrhythmias, a major cause of stroke and sudden death. Myocardial remodeling that occurs in response to altered cardiac working conditions is associated with profound spatial and temporal disorganizations of ion channels contributing to a high risk of arrhythmias. The originality of the project is to determine the mechanisms of fine and early regulation of sodium channel location in specialized membrane domains by testing the role of newly identified channel partners. Using a real-time trafficking approach, the project will test the hypothesis of an early trafficking sorting hub where interactions between the sodium channel and regulatory partners guide channel targeting in specialized membrane domains in the cardiomyocyte.

Elise Balse

Curie Institute – UMR 144 – Paris – Franck Perez

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